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Roscoe Filburn was an Ohio farmer who was told by the federal government the amount of wheat he was allowed to plant on his own farm for his own personal use. In its seminal decision in Wickard v. Filburn, the Supreme Court stated that under Congress’s power to regulate interstate commerce, personal conduct not involved in interstate commerce, may be regulated as well.


If you’ve ever wondered how the federal government has been able to grow so large, cumbersome, and intrusive, a great part of the answer lies in Congressional abuse of its Commerce Clause powers. And Congress, Democrat and Republican alike, has been pushing that overreaching authority, resulting in ever expanding regulations and out-of-control spending. It is time for us to remind Congress, in a permanent way, that the citizens of this country want a more limited central government.


This book examines the history of the expansion of Congressional power, makes the case for a Constitutional amendment to clearly specify a more limited role in regulating commerce, and details a method for proposing and ratifying the twenty-eighth Amendment. It is my hope that this book will help spur a dialog on this subject among local and state governments and concerned citizens.






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